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Moultrie Montessori School is an authentic Montessori experience. Our experienced Montessori-trained teachers who focus on holistic education addressing all facets of development: physical, mental, social, and emotional

Ms. Jeannie Buskirk,
Founder and Primary Class Teacher

Ms. Jeannie Buskirk

Founder and Primary Class Teacher

Jeannie Buskirk fell in love with Montessori when she happened upon The Montessori Method in the Austin College library, and in all the years since has not discovered any method of education that addresses human development and the most comprehensive education as well as the Montessori method. After working in several different Montessori schools and having the opportunity to observe a variety of models, she opened Moultrie Montessori in 2008 with ten children in her home. Now she enjoys having a cohort of teachers who are steeped in Montessori philosophy and practice with whom to share her love for this work.

Ms. Jeannie attended Austin College and then received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spanish from the University of Texas. She studied Montessori Philosophy with the St. Nicholas Training Center and again with London Montessori Center, from which she received a Montessori Certificate. She subsequently earned a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Florida. What she loves most about Montessori is guiding and watching children grow and develop every day, the community of families at Moultrie Montessori School, and the belief that Montessori education can change the world.

Ms. Jeannie has three children and five grandchildren, almost all of whom have attended or currently attend Montessori schools.


Ms. Jeannie’s Assistant

Percy works as Ms. Jeannie’s assistant in the Primary Class. His jobs are to play hard with children on the playground and to comfort those who are hurt or sad. His favorite games are tag and keep away, which he always wins. He makes Ms. Jeannie laugh every day.

Ms. Toni Wright,
Toddler Class Teacher

Ms. Toni Wright

Toddler Class Teacher

Toni Wright has lived in St. Augustine for 6 years and was born in Florida. She is a mother of 3 and thankful that each of her children have been immersed in Montessori since birth. Toni has been an AMI certified Montessori teacher since 2001. Her training was in Denver, Colorado at The Montessori Institute with Judi Orion. Toni has been fortunate enough to be mentored by Merry Hadden, who was in the first Assistants to Infancy training. She has worked at 5 different schools over the years and has also been a consultant for different Montessori toddler programs. The schools where she has worked are, Montessori N.E.S.T. And Childrenʼs House (Mt. Dora), Childrenʼs House (DeLand), Casa Montessori (DeLand), Palencia Montessori (Palencia), and Moultrie Montessori (St. Augustine). She has been a consultant for Casa Montessori and Moultrie Montessori. Toniʼs passion is encouraging young children of varying needs how to thrive independently. Working with families to help instill Montessori Philosophy in their home is very important to her. She has her 40 hour DCF certification and is trained in Early Literacy. Toni enjoys observing in different Montessori environments and feels that it helps encourage inspiration and growth.

Ms. Lisa Glocke,
Elementary Class Teacher

Ms. Lisa Glocke

Elementary Class Teacher

Ms. Lisa always wanted to be a teacher and during her high school years she developed a deep interest in working with children with special needs. While researching many teaching methods, she soon realized that Montessori is the only method where every child can truly reach their full potential in all areas of life. She earned her Primary (ages 3-6), Elementary (ages 6-12), and Benincasa Certification to work with children with special needs, at the Association Montessori International Training Center in Dublin, Ireland. She always loved to travel, and after graduation in 994, she left her beautiful country of Ireland and moved to San Diego, California. There, she was Lead Elementary Guide at Scripps Montessori school for twelve years.

Ms. Lisa embraced the military lifestyle when she married her husband, a United States Marine, in 1997, and her family was excited to retire to Florida in 2013. This is ms. Lisa’s sixth year asLead Elementary Guide at Moultrie Montessori School. Her joy in life comes from spending time with her family, and knowing that at Moultrie Montessori School she is fulfilling her true passion for guiding each child to reach their true potential.

“It is necessary, then, to give the child the possibility of developing according to the laws of his nature, so that he can become strong, and, having become strong, can do even more than we dared hope for him.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori

“The task of teaching becomes easy, since we do not need to choose what we shall teach, but should place all before him for the satisfaction of his mental appetite.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori

“The essential thing is for a task to arouse such an interest that it engages the child’s whole personality.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori

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