Think beyond sharing and being kind to promoting deep friendships, healthy boundaries, and teaching your child to work for personal satisfaction rather than approval.

In this three week course, you will learn to recognize how your child’s behaviors are reflective of his/her needs, and how to address both the behavior and the need. There will be ample time to discuss specific scenarios, as well as tools to help you discern your values and priorities and how to effectively instill/communicate them to your child.

Miss Jeannie is Montessori certified and has her Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education. She is the mother of three children, grandmother to four children, and has 30 years of education experience. Her intuitive teaching has earned her a reputation as a “child whisperer”.

“I noticed a change in my child immediately. He became calm and content in a way I hadn’t seen before.” -A Grateful Parent

Jeannie Buskirk is also available for Parenting Consulting at a variety of levels. Whether you choose to have her observe your family at home and offer on site coaching, or to simply meet with her one-on-one to discuss your parenting concerns, Miss Jeannie will offer insight and tools to help you reach your parenting goals.